8 Pillars of the KPW Group

What kind of experience does the company have?

We have extensive experience in the wide range of economy sectors and extensive experience in Your industry. We provide the highest level of reliability, efficiency and support. We are always happy to advise you. Nasze oddziały

What is the level of technical support?

We provide a lot of on-site substantive support. You may always have direct contact with the auditor at your place. Thanks to the high level of substantive on-site support we provide full expert assistance both during the process of auditing the financial statements and as part of advisory services.
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What is the level of availability when you have questions and need support?

We are very dedicated to the idea of helping by staying in close contact and fully available. You can always count on us. We have built the structure of the entire organization so that your phone always meets with a meaningful, helpful answer as soon as possible.
With close contact and full availability for your questions, we do not leave any problem unanswered. You can always talk to us.
  • We always provide advice.
  • We participate in the entire process.
  • We are committed to helping you prepare for the financial statement audit process.
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To what extent does the company have an advisory profile and can help?

The KPW Group is an organization with an audit-advisory profile. This means that we have gained very extensive experience in many key areas of business support through an advisory method of cooperation. We have an advanced set of competences as a result of hundreds of audits where we have analyzed the key areas and processes of companies and organizations in Poland. This gives us a unique knowledge that we will gladly use to support your business challenges.
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What is the level of organization and, on the other hand, the level of customization to individual needs?

Our motto is a high level of adaptation to your needs thanks to a culture of high organization.
Thanks to a high-level organization we offer you the opportunity to individualize your audit process while fulfilling our obligations at the agreed time.
We believe that the greatest flexibility to address special challenges and expectations is possible with the best work organization.
We make sure that what we commit to is done within the agreed time.
We approach each client individually. We adapt the process within standards and regulations.

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Is everything done on time and is the process transparent?

Each element of the audit process is planned, and the process itself is transparent - we explain, provide support, and stay in constant contact. Nasze oddziały Nasze oddziały

What is the level of assurance of standards?

When performing audit, accounting, financial, legal, tax or controlling tasks, we operate in accordance with legal acts and regulations, such as: the Accounting Act or the Act on Statutory Auditors, Audit Firms and Public Supervision. Nasze oddziały

What does the team look like?

The KPW Group is the strength of a reliable team. We work in a highly organized culture that allows for great flexibility, thanks to which we adjust the required procedures to your needs and expectations. We work in multi-person teams that always consist of the statutory auditor and an audit team manager, as well as auditors' assistants and applicants. Similarly, we provide accounting services to the KPW Group clients - also in teams of several people, under the supervision of an experienced department manager. Nasze oddziały